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The score of a film that keeps changes genres


Artisan Unisex Perfume 

A shapeshifting fragrance of Black Hemlock, Oakmoss, Chocolate and Leather

Manuscripts, Soil, Ambergris, Wet Cobblestones, Parchment ink.

Made in Tucson by LA CURIE


LA CURIE // GEIST Sale price$140.00

Meet La Curie

LA CURIE is an artisan unisex fragrance line made by Lesli Wood, a transplant to the southwest. Established in 2013 for those searching for an uncommon scent.

Each of the fragrances translates differently through a combination of pheromones, environment and chemistry. Designed to work with our natural pheromones, not to mask them. The best way to step into a new fragrance is to try samples directly on your skin to create your own sensory experience.

La Curie is a very small production artisan line. Each scent is hand mixed, aged and decanted in a home studio by Lesli.

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