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Leather Bag Care

The more you rotate your bag, the longer it will last. Avoid contact with water, oil, beauty products, and open PENS! It’s nearly impossible to get pen ink out of leather.

Any light color leather is subject to dirt and dyes.

Dark indigo can easily rub off on light-colored bags and should be avoided when possible.

For light dirt marks, I like to use a white hi-polymer artist's eraser. On non-glazed leathers, you can usually use a nice beeswax water repellent that helps protect your bag. ALWAYS test inside the bag first. Some leathers will darken with the application of leather treatments.

I like to use Skidmore’s Beeswax Waterproofing. Also, for sprays that work well on suedes and more delicate or glazed leathers without discoloring, you can try Bickmore’s Gard-More Water & Stain repellent. Also, Cadillac Shield seems to work well.

Angelus Easy Cleaner can be effective on many leathers for surface spots, too. However, you should test inside the bag, as sometimes trying to remove a spot is worse than leaving it.

Maintenance is the best method for protecting your bag, in the end.