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Leather Neck Bow Care

Neck Bows maintenance mainly consists of how they are stored.  Store flat or in the travel pillow box it came in.  Leather will take the shape it’s left in, so, be gentle.

Gently wipe clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean. Never use an abrasive on the metallic leather.

Bags with nut and screw brass hardware for strap attachment should all  include extra hardware.  Please  contact us if you need any replacements, etc.  

Leather Care:

Any light color leather is subject to dirt and dyes.

Dark indigo can easily rub off on light colored bags and should be avoided when possible.

For surface level touch up use a white hi-polymer eraser.


Please test any creams or leather care products on the inside in an inconspicuous spot.
Some leathers will darken with the application of leather treatments.