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Mellow Dawn


Mellow’s personal ethos is work hard, love well and look good doing it. And that is what she hopes to apply to the pieces she creates.  

Her sense of quality and aesthetics are rooted in classic beauty and bygone eras. And while inspiration comes from many places, experiences, and people over a lifetime, the act of loving itself is what truly inspires her. 

For the last fourteen years she’s been focusing on creating work that has its own mark while seeking a deeper understanding of leather working and making vessels within the form. Allowing for the joy of discovery is what truly makes the process engaging. Being able to integrate unique details and unconsidered combinations. Evolving with new processes and adapting with the culture of today.

Mellow believes there is always more to learn, more to engage, but that you shouldn’t miss what’s already in front of you. Using what you have can be its own teacher.

About Mellow's Work

When you decide on a purchase from Mellow Dawn, she wants to make sure that get what you want and will love it for years to come. 

Because all of Mellow’s leather goods are made in her studio in Tucson (she and her husband built after working for years in a small room within her home), her work is subject to to all the rules that surround a small boutique production. 

Some of these are restricting, while others give a greater access. For example, not everything she can make is always available online or in the store, or even shown.  

Mellow Dawn

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